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Tenerife Experts

Tenerife Experts

When tenerife.co.uk first asked me if I would be their Tenerife expert, I assumed that they'd want what every other travel company selling Tenerife holidays wants, good 'copy' (as it's known) which takes the best points of a resort and concentrates just on those. So I drafted a paragraph and sent it through for them to look at.

My work came back straight-away with this comment:
open quotes No, actually what we want you to do is tell it like it is...warts and all.
We don't need flowery descriptions or travel agent-speak, we want our customers to know exactly what they're getting before they book. close quotes

And so that's exactly what I've done, and tenerife.co.uk have put my opinion right alongside their travel agent's view so customers can see for themselves how the 'brochure' information stacks up against the reality.

Attention To Detail But it's not just having an honest opinion that separates tenerife.co.uk from just about every other travel agency, it's their attention to detail. Take Costa Adeje for instance. In reality, Costa Adeje is a huge area that stretches all the way from the west coast to the south. Tenerife.co.uk is the only Tenerife Holidays website that breaks Costa Adeje down into all its component parts and makes it very clear exactly where each hotel is, so you can be as near to, or as far away from the nightlife of Playa de Las Américas as you choose to be. And how does tenerife.co.uk know Costa Adeje so well? Because they've got me.

Not Just Passing Through Unlike some travel writers who only have a few weeks in which to research a destination, I live on Tenerife and have done for the past seven years. Because my work as a writer entails constantly researching anything and everything Tenerife, I travel the island week in and week out, from north to south and east to west, never taking anyone else's word for anything and never recommending anywhere or anything that I haven't been to or done myself.

Length and Breadth of Tenerife I've had sand in my shoes on every beach; I've eaten in the poshest and the most basic restaurants on the island; I've stayed in five star and one star hotels; I've walked, driven and taken the bus over thousands of miles of roads, trails and promenades and I've danced, drunk and partied my way through every season and almost every fiesta several times over.

And I shall continue to do so for as long as I live here so that I, and now you, can always get the very best of Tenerife.

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